At Workforce Staffing, we strive to provide first-rate assistance in finding the right staff for your company whether you require temporary or permanent staffing. Our process has been developed upon only sending out highly capable and skilled employees that are fit for your business accurately, and provide you with personalized customer service throughout the process.

Top reasons to let Workforce Staffing Service be a part of your business plan.

  • Free Release: We allow you to hire our employee to your payroll at any time. If the employee we send you is a shining star and you want them to become a full time team member of yours, that is great news. We do not require a certain number of days or hours worked before you can hire one of our employees.
  • Standards: Our executive staff has created elaborate standards by which all companies and job seekers must operate. This set of rules creates an environment where expectations can be met on both sides more easily.
  • Speed: As the saying goes, a rolling stone gathers no moss, and we have no intention of slowing down when it comes to taking care of our clients. For example, the last thing that an employer wants to deal with is a staffing company that cannot deliver on time and as expected.

As a local company dedicated to your success, we have the flexibility and willingness to create a successful working partnership with you. We do this by listening to your needs and then filling them promptly. We provide every company with the personalized service of two highly skilled staff members that are guaranteed to provide daily contact to handle any possible questions or issues as quickly as possible. If you require drug testing, background checks, or any other testing of potential employees, we are happy to administer these tests on behalf of your business.

While working with us through Workforce Staffing Services, you will experience our mission to provide you with the top customer service you and your company deserve. We maintain this by providing some of the most reasonable prices in the industry and continuing to keep our billing system simple and easy to understand. Our dedication is to you and all the end users of employees we send out into the workforce because we understand the quality of employee you receive is what your business depends on.