Job Seekers

Every job seeker desires a fast placement and healthy pay with consistent work.
Since we have offices from Salt Lake City to Pocatello, our team has a multitude of good relationships that
can be leveraged to get you the work that you need. While there are many reasons for workers to choose our staffing service, 
the top four among them are:

  • Loyalty: We are loyal to our job seekers and employers on a level that creates a strong bond. With these relationships in place, we are often the first call that good companies make when they need to fill a hole on their team.
  • Compensation: Since Utah is known as one of the fairest states in the nation when it comes to wages, we have a lot of good offers for employees. Further, if you are willing to add certifications or knowledge that allows you to perform more skillful tasks, then we can reward you accordingly.
  • We also strive to get you a permanent placement. If you are a hard worker and our client wants to hire you to their payroll they are abe to do so at any time. We do not have a contract on our employees. (Slavery ended a long time ago)
  • Benefits and Perks we offer include a MEC medical plan, a Dental plan, and Vision plan that are affordable and are available to all employees with only a 30 day waiting period. We also offer a Major Medical plan that is availble to full time employees after 12 months of service.
  • We offer a Skylight Pay Card that you can get in our office and have your paycheck direct deposited to your very own Visa card each week. No need to go to the bank or hassle with cashing paper paychecks.

So, give us a call as soon as possible, and our competent team will help to get you a job placement. In our opinion, there is nothing better than a promise kept in the business world, and since you know what we promise our team members, why would you want to work anywhere else?